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50 Pacific Apricot Statice Flower Seeds
50 Pacific Apricot Statice Flower Seeds
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50 Pacific Apricot Statice Flower Seeds

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Up for sale is one pack of 50 Pacific Apricot Statice Flower Seeds. Perfect for summer blooms these flowers create medium apricot colored flowers on 30" stems.

PLEASE NOTE:  Statice requires a cool period to germinate and will not germinate if direct sown in late spring or summer warm weather.  Please read the instructions below before ordering.

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Soil temperature: 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Dark
Depth: 1/4"
Germination days: 10-21 days
Plant spread: 20"
Plant height: 30''
Plant type: Annual
Maturation days: 90 days

Best started about 10 weeks before your last frost Statice are garden staples for zones 3-10. Press into your potting material and lightly cover with peat. Keep moist, but not soaking wet, until germination. Statice can be a bit challenging to germinate as it wants an extended amount of time in consistently cool, but not cold weather. Statice will not germinate in warm weather.

Here in zone 7 Statice it is challenging to germinate outdoors due to wild fluctuations in our spring time weather.  We start ours in an area inside our house where the temperature stays under 70 degrees in late winter. Seeds are placed on a growing medium of half peat and half compost and pressed into the soil. We then lightly dust with sand or vermiculite as the seeds need light to germinate. Be sure to surround the seed with the sand/vermiculite but not completely cover it. We then cover the seeding trays, or pots, with plastic wrap and place under some artificial light that is only one inch from the seeds.  Be advised Statice can take up to 30 days to germinate.

With all trays or pots we always water from the bottom to encourage root growth. Once seeds sprout remove the plastic wrap and keep your seedlings close to your light source.  Do not let your soil dry out and keep watering from the bottom.

During this growth period it is important to keep your seedlings cool. If you let them get warm they will die off.   Continue to water from the bottom and once seeds develop their first set of true leaves (the second leaf set) you can add a very mild water-soluble fertilizer (1/4 strength Miracle Grow) to their water. Keep adjusting your light source so it stays one inch from the tops of your seedlings.