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50 Aubrieta Cascade Red Flower Seeds
50 Aubrieta Cascade Red Flower Seeds
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 50 Aubrieta Cascade Red Flower Seeds

50 Aubrieta Cascade Red Flower Seeds

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Up for sale is one pack of 50 Aubrieta Cascade red flower seeds. The Cascade Aubrieta is different from other Aubrieta as it has been bred to create long trailing vines of flowers. Primarily used for pots and trailing over walls it also makes a great ground cover.

PLEASE NOTE: This hybridized aubrieta requires specific ways to germinate and you can not sow them directly, or try to start them in pots in warm weather and expect them to germinate.  Please read the instructions below before you order.

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Soil temperature: 68 degrees fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Light
Germination days: 14-21 days
Weeks indoor: 8 Weeks
Seed Depth: 1/8" inch
Seed Spacing: N/A inches
Plant spread: 12-24"
Plant height: 12"
Plant type: Perennial
Maturation days: 365 days

For zones 4-9 Cascade Aubrieta is best grown over winter in pots and then transplanted into your garden after the last frost. They do like cooler weather to germinate so we don't recommend starting them outdoors. As with all perennials they will take a full year to reach full size. Upside to these flowers is their foliage is evergreen during the winter months. These will take full sun to part shade.

Use a non soil potting mix made of 1 part sand and 1 part peat, or a sterilized seed potting mixture, to start your seeds. Sprinkle 5-8 seeds in each pot, or use a tray and sow them in rows 3" apart, and press into soil. Cover lightly with vermiculite as they need light to germinate. Don't oversaturate and water from the bottom of your pot as if your soil mix is too wet they will rot before germinating. We loosely cover our trays or pots with plastic wrap until the seeds start to germinate (don't let the seedlings touch the plastic wrap) and place close to your lighting source. Another technique is to use a deep plastic tupperware type container with a clear lid (be sure and crack your lid to allow some moisture to escape). They are slow to germinate, and while germinating the need lighting but dislike strong direct natural sunlight. Keep you soil temperature around 70 degrees which in winter might require the use of a heating mat, but don't let your seeds get too warm.

Once plants get their second set of leaves you can add a mild fertilizer to their water. In spring, after your last frost, transplant into your garden.

For more detailed instructions follow this goby for succulent seeds: