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30 Heirloom Organic Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds

30 Heirloom Organic Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds

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Up for sale is one pack of 30 Heirloom Organic Grey Strip Sunflower seeds. Grey Stripe is the farming standard for edible sunflower seed production.
Great for human consumption as well a food source for animals and wildlife.

All of our vegetable seeds are USDA certified organic, Non-GMO, and are grown in the U.S.A. All of our seeds are packed in compostable paper seed packets and are plastic free.

We offer flat rate combined shipping on all orders, no limit on the amount or type of seed packets.


Soil temperature: 70 - 75 degrees fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Dark required
Germination days: 4 - 8 days
Grow on temperature day: 55 - 60 degrees fahrenheit
Plant spread: 18"
Plant height: 96''
Plant type: Annual
Maturation days: 50 days

Loosen enriched garden soil down to a 6" depth. When soil is consistently 70 degrees (for zone 6-7 usually June 1st) plant seed 1/2" deep and a minimum of 18" apart. These are low maintenance and require nothing else other than weekly watering. Don't pinch like branching sunflowers as they are single stem. You can sow these sunflowers through late summer.

Harvest seeds when when when the flower head starts to brown. Cut your flower head with the seeds attached and let dry indoors for a few days before cultivating the seeds.