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200 "Purple Giant" Foxglove Flower Seeds
200 "Purple Giant" Foxglove Flower Seeds
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 200 "Purple Giant" Foxglove Flower Seeds

200 "Purple Giant" Foxglove Flower Seeds

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Up for sale is one pack of 200 "Purple Giant" Foxglove flower seeds. Perfect for spring and summer blooms these foxglove create single petaled purple flowers on giant 50" stems. Very hardy in the garden and also make a great cut flower with a long vase life.

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Soil temperature: 65 - 75 degrees fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Light
Germination days: 15 days
Plant spread: 20 inches
Plant height: 50''
Plant type: Biennial
Maturation days: 365 days

For zones 3-9 Foxglove are biennials which means they will grow foliage for one season and only flower for one full year. These seeds are very tiny so you can direct seed them in your garden using the shaker method or start them early in pots.

The best way we find to grow Foxglove is to sow these directly in your garden from late summer until at least two weeks before your first frost in early fall. Foxglove will not germinate when temps are 60 or below and need several days of temps in the 70's to germinate.

Work enriched garden soil 6" deep and scatter your seeds and then top with a very light dusting of screened compost or peat. One of the biggest mistakes made with Foxglove sowing the seeds too deep as they need light to germinate. The seeds will germinate, and develop roots over winter, and flower the following spring and summer.

If you get a late start, and want to germinate them in late fall, start them indoors in 4" pots using germination heat mats (or other heat source) to get them to germinate. Once they have their second set of leaves, and are about 2" tall, transplant them into the garden as they send down a tap root and if left in pots will become root bound and not develop correctly.

You can also start these in winter indoors about 8 weeks before your last frost in spring in 4" pots. In pots sow them on the surface of your potting material and dust with sand or vermiculite. After your last frost in the spring transplant them into your garden and they will bloom flowers a little later than fall planted Foxglove.

Finally you can also sow these in the spring directly in your garden. They will germinate, and grow, but will probably not bloom until the next spring and summer.

Once Foxglove have had a full growing season of blooming flowers they are done. They will die back at the first frost, and some will try to come back the following spring, but they will not be very productive.

All spikey flowers, such as foxglove and delphinium, are slightly toxic. Some, such as foxglove, do become more potent right before the flowers go to seed. This is a natural defense mechanism to keep deer and rabbits from eating them, but care should be taken around small children or pets who might eat a large quantity of flowers from your garden.