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200 Coreopsis "Plains" Flower Seeds

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Up for sale is one pack of 200 Coreopsis "Plains" Flower Seeds (Coreopsis tinctoria). For zones 3-10 these a very easy to sow acreates bright yellow flowers with dark red centers on tall 30" stems. Coreopsis is a perfect complement to Rudbeckia as the Coreopsis blooms spring to early summer and then Rudbeckia from summer to early early fall.

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Soil temperature: 60-70 degrees fahrenheit
Germination lighting: Light
Germination days: 10 days
Weeks indoor: 4 weeks
Seed Depth: 1/4"
Seed Spacing: 12"
Plant height: 30''
Plant type: Annual
Maturation days: 50 days

A staple for many gardens Coreopsis come in numerous varieties and these are suitable for zones 3-10. These seeds are are very easy to sow and you can start them in pots early, or direct seed them directly in your garden from late fall to spring. They require a bit of light to germinate so in trays very lightly cover with sand or vermiculite, or in the garden with a very light dusting of peat. Once developed in the garden thin or transplant to 12" spacing.